Finance. Climate. Food. Work. How are the crises of the 21st century connected? In Capitalism in the Web of Life, Jason W. Moore argues that today’s global turbulence has a common source: capitalism as a way of organizing nature, including human nature. Drawing on environmentalist, feminist, and Marxist thought, Moore offers a groundbreaking new synthesis: capitalism as a “world-ecology” of wealth, power, and nature. Capitalism’s greatest strength – and the source of its crisis today – has been its capacity to create Cheap Natures: labor, food, energy, and raw materials. That capacity is now in question. Rethinking capitalism through the pulsing and renewing dialectic of humanity-in-nature, Moore takes readers on a journey from the rise of capitalism to the crisis today.  The limits to capitalism are real enough. But they cannot be reduced to “natural limits” or “economic crisis.”  They are both – and they are more than their social and environmental dimensions. Capitalism in the Web of Life shows how the critique of capitalism-in-nature – rather than capitalism and nature – is key to understanding the crisis today, and to pursuing the politics of liberation in the century ahead.

An exciting major work that puts forward a new paradigm of world-ecology. It seeks to go beyond what has been argued about the relation between nature and capitalism by scholars using world-systems analysis, environmental history, or green ecology. Whether one agrees in whole or in part or not at all, we must take seriously these arguments and engage with them.
--  Immanuel  Wallerstein
If you’re interested in cutting edge ecological thinking, Capitalism in the Web of Life is a must-read. Or if you’re interested in value. Or world history. Or food. Or energy. Or labour. This book braids together a wide gamut of literature into a dazzling synthesis. Jason W Moore’s scope is vast, and few could pull off as ambitious an analytical achievement has he has here. There’s enough scholarship, wit and insight to leave your copy with margin notes on every page, and ideas for a lifetime. It’s a landmark book, one that will inform scholarship on Marx, capitalism, energy, food and climate for years to come
-- Raj Patel, author,
Stuffed and Starved
The Value of  Nothing:
Jason W. Moore
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